This Albright family originated in Switzerland. The emigrant family can be traced back into the 1500's in Stadel, Switzerland a small hamlet just north of Zurich.

I have divided the genealogy into two parts:

The ancestors in Switzerland with proven descendants to Heinrick Albrecht (b. 1765) of Albany County New York.

The descendants of John Carpenter Albright (b. 1803) of Albany County, New York to Illinois.

The Stadel genealogy is well documented and I wish to leave it on the site for others to utilize. The proven link to John Carpenter Albright is presently being pursued.

The Genealogy of the ancestors of my son's family has been added to the Albright genealogy. This seems to be the logical place to add his wife's family.

Added are the Coursey, from Virginia

Goble, family from Massachusetts

Cave family from South Carolina